Back to the Norm

Quick check in for the evening 🙂

Zach made it home safe and sound.  Yay


I don’t know who was more excited that Zach was back home:  Gus or Zach?

Nothing overly exciting from work today:  snacks were similar to what they have been all week

DSC_0617 DSC_0618

Well…a different mix of the same general snack.  A much better version of yogurt (when you consider the ingredients) and the trail mix from our welcome bag from the wedding this weekend.  I ❤ free snacks!

I didn’t get a picture of the “break room today.”  That’s not because there weren’t temptations there.  It’s actually because there were MORE temptations outside of the break room


Turning down Einstein bagels did prove to be more of a challenge than the normal Archer Farms cookies at breakfast time.  Either way….I powered through and stuck with the (arguably) healthier snacks.

I was a bit more excited to get home tonight than I have been, as you may imagine.  I was greeted by Zach’s lovely face…and this:


Zach is more exciting than laundry.    On top of the laundry and Zach, I came home to


No, not August butt (well,  yes I guess August butt, but more importantly…) a wedding gift in the mail!  August loves boxes, both rubbing the outside and playing hide and seek inside.


A large food processor!   YAAAY!

After we caught up for a bit, worked on laundry, and opened up our wonderful shower gift (thanks Aunt Judy and Uncle Jim!) it was time to prep dinner.

As I mentioned, I was looking forward to falling back into our more normal routine and make a nice meal at home.  On the menu:  salad with salmon for me, and salad and bison steak for Zach.


The large shared salad bowl


My dinner 🙂

Zach talked me into opening up a bottle of wine, a Malbec and it was DeLisH!

DSC_0624 DSC_0623

After a long week, sometimes it’s nice to just unwind together with a glass of wine 🙂

And now, I just got back from a nice walk with Gus and am going to enjoy the rest of the night with Zach, before he crashes (he had to get up at 230 MST this morning to catch his flight on the east coast.  He’s struggling).

Oh….and dessert 🙂

Have  a great night all!

Question of the Night:  Do you look have a “norm” or “routine” that you have at home?  Do you miss it when you are busy/traveling?

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