The Longest Trim of My Life

Phew….another day done!

My morning/afternoon looked a lot like yesterday as far as snacks go

DSC_0606 DSC_0605 DSC_0604

Nothing too exciting, but I do rely on them to get me through the work day.

Speaking of work snacks…

I work at an office that gets a lot of food donations from places like Whole Foods, Archer Farms, Safeway, etc.  This results in a lot of food in our “break room” (the end of a hallway that includes the one staff bathroom and a sink).  This little break area is loaded with stuff, primarily baked goods, just tempting me day in and day out.  Most days it is not that difficult for me to say no , since I bring my own snacks and these are often highly processed and kind of gross.  But you will notice I do sometimes  bring home little snacks for later in the day as a part of my nightly dessert (or snacks for Zach so that he doesn’t eat my dessert). This is today’s break area:


That’s mini chocolate cookies, cupcakes (the icing I had yesterday), large oatmeal cookies, mini oatmeal cookies, and those soft iced cookies, and 2 clementines and a squash.  Odd, right?

I thought it might be a fun thing to take a picture of this area and post it, as it is literally the most random/sometimes gross collection of food you may ever see.  Thoughts?

Moving on: I mentioned I had a hair cut on tap for tonight.  While I didn’t take a before picture, know that it was bad and I looked something like this.

split ends

Not pretty.  Well, I showed up at Salon Denver ( putting myself completely in their hands. My stylist was GREAT and we chatted through the 45 minutes I was there.   I told her I was getting married in a little over a month, so I wanted to keep as much length as possible, but also recognized that I let my ends FRY and I was willing to cut off as much as was needed for my hair to be healthy again.

Crappy Bathroom After Pictures:



The Back


It’s hard to see from my crappy picture taking skillz (hello, Zach isn’t here to help!)  but it looks SO MUCH BETTER.  Literally, before the cut, my hair came to a triangle in the back (the stylist mentioned it, and laughed about it).  Props to her, and note that this isn’t even straightened, just blow dried.  Impressive. I’ll take a picture tomorrow to show how it looks styled.

Due to my hair being SO fried, I dropped a pretty penny on some supplies:


Hopefully this will keep my ends from falling off again.  I have another appointment for a trim a few weeks after the wedding.  I need to keep up with these ends!

After the fun at the salon,  it was time to head home for cinderella duties.  Watering the plants, walking the pup in the crazy heat, feeding the furlady, and making some grub for Gus.

I’ve mentioned he eats pork and rice.  Well, the process is pretty gross.  A couple times a week, we have this:


Gus loves it, we are grossed out, ha.  Oh well, whatever keeps out boy healthy.

Back to the the fun things: While I was watering the plants, I grabbed some fresh goodies from our garden to add to dinner tonight


Basil and cherry tomatoes to add to my Whole Foods Grub:


blueberry and pecan salad, teragon chicken salad, and a pretzel roll.

That food will hopefully turn into a delih spread for dinner tonight.  I’ll update you with a plated picture later :).  My plan for the evening is to relax and enjoy some bad TV and good dinner+dessert.  Zach comes home tomorrow, so we’ll be back to our normal routine!  I can’t wait!

QUESTION FOR THE NIGHT:  Do you have a lot of snacks/temptations at your work?  

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