I have a Confession

The highlight of the rest of my evening was absolutely my Whole Foods dinner.DSC_0616

Perfect — and you know a ton of siracha and dressing were added post picture (seen in the background).  Yum.  I’d say my taragon chicken salad sandwhich on a pretzel bun with a side salad with candied pecans, blueberries, blue cheese, and house cherry tomatoes hit the spot.

No meal in this household is finished without dessert

DSC_0617 DSC_0616

Cheesecake from last night with some yummy chocolate from the Whole Foods bulk bins + a mini chocolate cookie from the previously mentioned work “break room.”

My First Confession

I have an obsession with the 8 minute abs routines from the 90’s.


oh yeah


Screen shots from my computer.

Go to youtube and search for 8 minute abs, buns, arms, legs, or stretch.  You won’t regret it.

There is a joke between Zach and I about these videos.  I literally do them at some point most everyday.  Lately it’s been primarily the abs video, but I’ve been known to do all but the legs in any given day.  It has been common that he comes home from errands, walking Gus, or just taking a meeting, to me doing one of these videos.   Between the amazing outfits the instructors wear, the AWSOME music (which haunts Zach’s dreams I think), and the completely corny commentary, it’s pure entertainment with a quick work out involved.

Seriously, try one of these videos.  I promise you’ll be hooked.

Anyway — I bring up this confession of mine because I did the abs version while I was waiting for my pretzel bun to toast up in the oven.  It makes me smile every time, and to be honest I’m not even embarrassed.

I ate my dinner while flipping back and forth between bad BAD TV.  As I mentioned, I take advantage of Zach being gone by watching bad TV.  Well tonight, I could NOT keep on a show.  I tried quite a few (think Bridezillas, Pregnant and Dating, HG TV, tons!) but could not sit through an entire episode.  I guess I just wasn’t feeling the trashy TV last night.

This morning

Zach is flying home early this morning, and I had asked him to keep me up to date with his travel schedule.  I knew that it would be ridiculously early MST, but I figured I sleep through texts all the time and it would be nice to wake up knowing he is on time.

Welp…I did sleep through my text, but August did not.  From about 445 until I got out of bed at 725, I had a big puffy furball MEOWING LOUDLY in my face to wake up and pay attention to her.  Awesome.  I did bring her to bed with me last night, and feel asleep with her spooning me, but she’s much cuter around 11 PM than 5 AM on your late start day.

Needless to say I was out of bed in time for my work out.  Today is a cross training day, so 60 minutes on the stationary bike it was,

Workout: 60 minutes stationary bike

40 minutes steady

10 minute intervals (30 seconds hill, 30 second cool down)

10 minute steady ride / cool down.

Odd thing that happened while I was in the gym:

My building gym is tiny — 3 treadmills, a bike, an elliptical, a total body machine and some free weights.

This morning it was just one other girl and I (said girl on the treadmill, me on the bike).

About 30 minutes into my work out, a women and her young, petite daughter (maybe 7 or 8 years old? I’m awful with age) came in.  The mom in a dress, the little girl in sweats.

All of a sudden, the mom puts the girl on the treadmill and starts her running.  Within a minute, the girl (they were speaking Eastern European of some sort, so I couldn’t understand what was being said) started crying.  Within a couple minutes, the mom was barking at her and she was damn near sobbing.  I sat there in awe…no idea what to do.

Say something?  Call CPS? Do nothing?  The thing is, I saw the same daughter and mom coming out of the gym the previous day…so I have no idea what is going on.

Within 10 minutes the mom slammed the red auto stop button and just like that they were off.  The girl on the treadmill and I just looked at each other, expressed how awkward it was, and went on with our workout.


Anyway: I love my Thursday morning work outs because they’re something different, and to be honest, because on the stationary bike I get to read my book and drink coffee. Not. Too. Shabby.

I’m a good chunk of the way into The Art of Racing in the Rain, so expect another review when I finish!

I did the normal morning duties: fed the pets, walked Gusman, cleaned the litter so everything is pretty when Zach gets home, then got myself ready for work.

I promise photos of my hair styled, and here they are:



And one because I got bored taking awkward bathroom pics




Zach must be so excited to come home to me…

Now — I’m at work waiting for my 10 AM meeting to start.  I love sleeping in on late days, but not so much the late evenings.  Obvious much?

QUESTION FOR THE DAY: What would you have done with the weird situation in the gym?

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