Who’s Dress Is It Anyway?

So — apparently my final dress fitting is for next Wednesday, August 7.  Whomp whomp.   Thank goodness I know myself and had the forethought to call and just make sure that I had the correct date/time.  Upp.  Welp, expect a wedding dress update next week.  BUT — I did get my hair and make up trial scheduled! August 12 after work, so that’s makes up for the disappointment of not having the dress fitting 🙂

Anyway – Work was absolutely crazy this afternoon, but I did have my (current) favorite bar as my second work snack of afternoon.


I love the think Thin bars because they have 0 grams of sugar, and quite a bit of protein.  And lets be honest, I love just about anything peanut butter.

And also — how cute is my cup?  What you cant see is our wedding date written on the little handle.  Adorable shower gift from Zach’s cousin that I just adore.  Funny story with them:  they were ordered from Etsy (Love supporting small business).  The etsy artist, who will remain nameless, makes these personalized gifts for couples getting married.  Well, Janessa ordered them offline and had them sent directly to us.  When I pulled out the first one, I automatically fell in love.   My Mrs. glass was going to be my coffee cup every weekend!  Then I pulled out the second, and it was ALSO a Mrs.  HYSTERICAL!  I let Janessa know, and she was insistent to returning them — but I had a better idea.  Keep both Mrs, one cup for work one for home for ME :).  Sucks for Zach, but I thought and still think it was a fabulous idea.

By the end of the absolutely nutty work day, I was more than ready to head home (since I apparently wasn’t going to be getting all gussied up in white!) and enjoy dinner and a girly movie with the furballs.

After the chores (walking my favorite boy, watering plants, playing with the mini furball), I settled in for the night.

On tap for dinner:  Whole Foods Falafel Wrap




And cheesecake for dessert, with some frosting from a cupcake I stole from work on the side (I can pass up cake sometimes, but never icing).

DSC_0604 DSC_0602

(I got a sampler for dessert for the week, I only ate one tonight, I promise 🙂

All while watching Pitch Perfect on Demand.

Not a bad night if I do say so myself…

Question:  What do YOU do when your husband/partner/boyfriend/roommate is away for a night?

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