A Black Tie Affair

Good morning and Happy Monday.

This Monday is a little more happy for me than normal, as I am still in Indianapolis and not at work :).

The wedding last night was absolutely beautiful.


It was held at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in Caramel, IN.  The couple provided shuttles from the Marriott most everyone was staying at to the Museum, which was very convenient.  The shuttle got us to the museum at a little before 530 for a 6 PM ceremony, so we had some time to walk around a couple of the exhibits, which is always a treat.  One of the stand out pieces was this beautiful flower:


Unfortunately, I am lame and didn’t get the artist.  But in my defense, the wedding party was getting ready in this room and it may or may not have been a bit awkward even trying to get a photo of the painting, ha.

At about 550 or so we were ushered into the room where the ceremony was to be held. The wall we all faced was an art piece in and of itself, and made for a gorgeous and unique backdrop to the ceremony.


This was the first Jewish wedding for both Zach and I, and we both agreed that we loved the history, tradition, and appreciation for the joining of the couple.  There are even a few elements that we (respectfully) would love to integrate into our own little ceremony in a couple of weeks :).

The ceremony was about 45 minutes long and then everyone got to enjoy about an hour of cocktails and passed apps with crackers and cheese.

I didn’t get any pictures during cocktail, but we enjoyed salmon mouse, mac and cheese, a spicy tuna roll, some of the crackers and cheese, along with red wine and champaign.

I stock with red wine pretty well through out the evening’s courses and dancing as I generally can’t drink it very quickly and tend to more enjoy/savor each glass.

The first course was a beautiful salad course that included figs, arugula, cucumber and a mix of veggies with a fig dressing, served with rolls and crackers.


The entre was a sea bass with potatoes, asparagus, squash and mixed grilled veggies.  I ate all of my potatoes, a good chunk of the sea bass and some of the veggies.  Also very good!


The entre ended and dessert began with huge chocolate covered pretzels and mixed chocolates.  I made my intentions very clear with our table from the beginning and placed myself RIGHT next to the plate of said chocolates.  This was a joke through out the evening, but I absolutely did get one huge pretzel and 1.5 pieces of chocolate to myself.  You betcha!


And of course, what wedding is complete without the cake?  Amazing chocolate cake was left at our place settings during dancing, which of course Zach and I enjoyed right away (Confession:  I actually went to the table and moved the biggest piece to my seat, only to see that it had been eaten by another table member by the time I got back! Bummer — Zach said that was karma…).


(yes I ate a bite before taking a picture — I couldn’t help it!)

We then went back to the traditions, including the tossing of the bouquet which was followed by a midnight snack of Ted Drew’s (my St Louis friends will know this well).  I took this opportunity to sneak a piece of vanilla cake from a different table and skip the ice cream…I mean I had to judge which one was better, right?


Unfortunately, after this piece (which followed the chocolate cake, gigantic pretzel, and 1.5 pieces of chocolate) I stared to feel a little nauseous.  Zach and I joked that I  may have actually found my limit to sweets…it would be a sad day if this were true.

The evening ended pretty quickly after that and before we knew it we were on the shuttle back to the hotel.

Overall — the evening was great!  The couple could not have looked happier, and the entire evening was full of love and celebration!  As I  mentioned earlier, there were quite a few parts of the wedding and tradition that Zach and I really enjoyed, so more to come on that subject!

Ironically enough, the couple seated next to us at dinner are also getting married on September 7, so we had a great time chatting them up.  Comparing details, chatting about what each couple still had left to finalize.

This morning, surprising even to me after a later than normal evening, I was up and at ’em before 8 AM and actually felt well enough to get my work out for the day done and over with while Zach got some work done.  I headed down to the hotel gym again to complete my speed workout:

10 minutes easy running to warm up (6.2-6.4)

20 minutes of intervals: 1 minute @ 8.5 – 9.5 followed by 1 minute @ 4.1

10 minutes easy running (6.2-6.5)

5 minutes incline walking cool down (3.5-3.8 at 8% incline).

This ended up with about 4.6 miles total including all warm up and cool down.

When I got back back up to the room, I was greeted by a text notifying me that my flight was delayed at hour, only to be followed by another text saying it was delayed 3 hours.  Whomp whomp.

Zach and I flew out here together, but he is actually leaving directly for a business trip to North Carolina and I’m heading back to Denver. Originally, our flights were 10 minutes apart — how 3.25 hours.

I was easily able to distract myself from this fact as we had a beautiful brunch offered by the generous bride and groom at the bistro in the hotel.  I was able to fuel myself with a nice spread of fruit, peanut butter toast, the top of a bran muffin, and a small bit of granola/candied pecans/chocolate chips with coffee.


It was great to enjoy the sunshine for a bit and catch up briefly with the groom before they headed to the California coast and Zach and I headed our own directions.

This is actually the first time in awhile I’ve flown by myself, so I’m surprised how calm and relaxed I am about the whole delay.  Normally, my type A personality comes out in these moments, but today I honestly don’t mind.  We stopped by a Barnes and Nobel on our way here, figuring I’ll finish my current book, and plan to just relax through the afternoon here at the beautiful Indianapolis Airport.

We do also apparently get free wifi here, so if I get bored, I may just draft up another random post.  Lord knows I always have plenty of randomness up in that (big) head of mine!

PS:  Zach and I were just reminded by my favorite friend, Ms. Zoe, that our wedding is only 40 days away.  YIKES! Where has this 15 months gone!?

PPS: just got notice that I’m on time?! AHH better hurry…hope they’re right!

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