Shopping and I got…NOTHING!

Good afternoon and Happy Sunday 🙂

Were here back at the hotel in Indianapolis.   Another beautiful morning and afternoon.  A little chilly and cloudy in comparison to what we’re used to in Denver, but no complaints here!

So now that we have internet access (thanks Zach for needing to work :), I was able to post yesterday’s planned post as well as this afternoons.

Last night we ended up eating in the Bistro in the hotel.  The night began with drinks on the lake, but by the time our food had come we moved inside thanks to the wind and chill moving in with the sunset.

I didn’t get a picture of the food, but my chicken quesadilla absolutely hit the spot (along with plenty of Zach’s homemade chips).

We wrapped up the evening bringing another drink up to the room while switching back and forth between The Gladiator and Mission Impossible.


(no pictures of the food, but I did snap a pic of my glass of wine brought up to the room, just because I thought it was pretty sweet that we were able to do that!)

I crashed by about 1130 or 12, but Zach managed to stay up quite a bit later than I did, as I got to hear some pretty funny stories from the Moonshiners show he watched that I have absolutely NO memory of.

Due to his late night, Zach slept in (which he almost never does) while I got up and did a quick and easy 4 mile recovery run on the hotels treadmills.  I really wanted to get outside as I love running in new places, but there really isn’t much to run near us, and I do like to keep my recovery runs on the treadmill so I have less chance of doing something stupid! So…

Workout for the day:

40 minute recovery run — total about 4.2 miles (including walking once I hit 4 miles to wrap up 40 minutes).

When I got back up to the room, Zach was still out (Good for him!) but got moving quickly and threw out the idea of brunch in the town.  We don’t get to do brunch much, so I jumped on the opportunity.

We drove around Caramel for awhile until we found a  really cute bistro for brunch. Eggshell bistro (   AMAZING.  The meal started with honestly some of the best coffee we’ve ever had.

Zach trying his cappuccino:


And very happy with said cap 🙂


I had a cup of just black 3 africans coffee, and it was also wonderful.  For my meal, I ordered the quiche with the fruit cup, and it was AMAZING.


I couldn’t help it, I took a bite before I even thought to snap a picture.  Honestly the best brunch I’ve had in awhile.  The quiche was served warm, with perfectly crumbly but delicate crust and extremely fresh bacon, veggies and cheese.  The fruit was also actually a stand out – a mix of kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple and raspberries.

We left both satisfied, not completely stuffed and completely happy with out breakfast choice.

After breakfast, we drove back in the direction of our hotel but stopped at the shopping center near by so Zach could look at possible wedding shoes at Nordstoms.  The shopping center was actually huge, but unfortunately most of the stores were closed until noon.  It was about 1145 at this time, so we decided just to walk around a bit since it was only 15 minutes.  On that walk, we passed multiple tempting shops, including Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Restoration Hardware, and GODIVA.

One lap around the mall and stores began to open.  Zach went shopping in Nordstroms while I went on a mission.

Free sample with every visit to Sea’s Candy.  Yes please :).


Confession:  this was actually my second sample.  I got one while Zach shopped, then we walked back once he finished to get his free sample, and it just so happened that there was a new worker.  Score 2 for Ashley 🙂

We’re now hanging out in the room again.  It’s a little before 2 and we need to leave for the wedding shuttle around 430 so we’ve got some time to kill.

Zach’s working and I’m blogging/relaxing.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.  Looking forward to celebrating the happy couple tonight!

PS: Quick update on Gusman (yes, we are those pet parents that call and check in daily).  The tech said he has been doing fine and nothing new to report about his silly face wound.  I must say, it’s always nice to get away for a bit and not have to worry about waking up and getting him out all day – but by tomorrow I will be very happy to see his silly face.

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