Just another day in paradise

So since the morning was filled with our pup excitement (see previous post) — I did not post a regular workout post or update from last night.

Until now 🙂

Last night was primarily spent relaxing with the family.  We had some delish bison steaks, sweet potatoes baked as chips, and fresh green beans, all from Whole Foods (a luxury in this household).  I didn’t snap a picture, because while delicious, it wasn’t very photogenic and we actually served it up family style instead of on plates.  We’re classy.

I did get some pictures of the beautiful sun beginning to set over the mountains  from our upstairs patio though


I love Denver.

And I also got a picture of the most important part of the evening.  Desert:


Zach and I split both and they were perfection.  Along with some caramel chocolate and ginger pieces that I may have snagged before dinner.  I’m a snack monster at night….

So that was the bulk of our relaxing evening before a crazy morning today.  I did manage to squeeze in a 45 minute seated hatha yoga class online this afternoon (since I had some free time on my hands…), which was nice for my rest day.

80 minutes planned running tomorrow (now I’m accountable, right?).   And a pizza/Denver Beer Co date night planned tonight.  Good way to end a crazy start to a day.

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