Well it’s about 3:30 in the afternoon on a Friday and I’m at home hanging out with the family . . . while it is nice to be home so early on a Friday, what got me here was not so fun.  Let me backtrack a bit…

So, I’ve mentioned my wonderful family.  The youngest member of that family is Gus.


I know…could he be more adorable?

Gus is our (guessing) 3 year old shepherd mix.  We rescued him about 2 years ago from PAWS, a no kill agency in Chicago.  He, along with our other furball August


make up our furry children.  Lovely, the both of em :).

A little history before today’s story:  Around December we started noticing some odd symptoms with Gus.  He had some open wounds showing up around his hind legs that never seemed to heal, eventually turning into a very swollen back leg.  After multiple trips to the vet, including a couple nights in the ICU and medical boarding, we found out Gus has a rare skin disorder, eyrathema multiforme, (  While it was tough to know we have a sick puppy, it was a relief to know that we could manage it and make our boy comfortable again.

Since then, Gusman has been on a low dose steroid daily and human food diet to control symptoms. He has fairly consistently been doing better since and gaining a bit of weight back that he lost (down from 65-about 47…yikes).

Well…Back to this morning — Zach woke up to notice that he had what appeared to be an open, gapping mass on his mouth/face.  Needless to say, we were pretty panicked and didn’t know what to do.  Zach tried to reach out to our dermatologist/specialist (yes, or pup sees a dermatologist and I’ve never even seen one), but by midday we hadn’t heard from him and decided I’d leave work and we’d just take him to the ER.  We’re planning to leave for Indianapolis tomorrow but couldn’t imagine leaving Gusman so sick.

So…fast forward to the vet.  We were all extremely anxious, as our history with the vet has rarely had us leaving with good news.  But, after some testing by the VERY nice ER doctor, looks like our boys giant mass was actually just a bunch of puss and bacteria.  This caused by either  a good swat by our lady furball, or his affinity for getting into every possible, leading to likely a tiny scratch that got infected.  The vet cleaned the heck out of the wound, lanced it, and cut off a piece to test.  So, a couple hundred $$ bills later, we have our furball back at home, with another new shaved spot, this time on his mouth, with a mixture of drool/blood constantly flowing (I spare you the image).

Lord we love this dog :).

Good news, he’s going to be fine.  He will be in medical boarding through the weekend, and we will still be going on vacation (all recommendations by the vet).

Seriously dog.  We love you…but keep your nose out of where it don’t belong!  – Sincerly, Mom and Dad.Image

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