Let Me Introduce myself


A little behind on the healthy living blog craze?

Ehh, that’s kind of my style anyways – never really have been a trend setter  J.

First off:  let me introduce myself, and hopefully explain why I’m interesting enough to read all about (or at least I’ll try and convince myself of that)

1.       Easy demographics: 27/f/Denver (anybody else remember the old a/s/l or did I just really age myself?).  My fiancé and I, along with our two adorable furry children, Gus and August, moved to Denver around August 2012 kind of on a whim, and are loving every minute of it.  I’m 27, sometimes going on 35, sometimes going on 12, depending .  And yes, I am a lady….I think that covers the basics?

2.       I love being active – with running being my passion, even though I’m not very good at it. I have always had a bit of an obsessive tendency, and fitness has certainly fallen prey to that.  For years, I was an avid CORE POWER YOGA fanatic, going at least 5-6 days a week (hey, at least that made the price tag seem a littttle more reasonable).  Now-a-days, I love running, hiking, yoga, biking, and am even working on loving weights and strength training.

3.       I love FOOD.  Primarily, chocolate.  I’m one of those people that genuinely LOVES salads and fresh foods, and can eat that ALL day, but MUST have sometime (large) sweet at the end of everyday.  It’s all about balance, and following what I crave.   I love the healthy crunch of fresh food, followed by the delicious creaminess of chocolate.  Honestly, it’s what gets me through most days.  Whether that’s a huge chocolate chip cookie (current obsession), a large dark chocolate bar (who says you eat less when it’s dark?), or a 1/3 of a large bag of Hershey’s Drops,  sweets are the only way I cap off a day.  That and sometimes a nice glass of wine….sometimes.

4.       Along the lines of number two: I really want to be a natural runner.  I started running on a whim about a year and a half ago.  Funny story: the only running I’d really ever done previously was the mile in high school and some conditioning in cheerleading (also H.S.), so always thought I just couldn’t do it.  Well, one summer day when I decided hot yoga was no longer going to do it for me, I joined a gym (my fiancé loves me and my total sporadic nature).  That day, I ran a mile on the treadmill without stopping and I came home jumping for joy to tell Zach….and the love connection began.

That’s really where I’d say my blogging hopes and thoughts begin.  I have a strong passion for healthy living, just in general.  For me, that includes eating healthy (through most of the day) and being as active as my body lets me.  Currently, I find that love and challenge in running.   After that first day at the gym, I kept at it.  Within a week, I had gotten up to 3 miles in under 30 minutes, and knew I was at the beginning of a long journey.  A few weeks later, I signed up for the 2012 Chicago Rock’N’Roll half marathon, and never looked back.  Now today, a little over a year has past, I’ve run a few smaller races (this 5k’s and 4 milers), another half (Steamboat, I’ll definitely write about that one day.  What an experience), and I now have 2 halves (that I need to choose between, only run ONE, but we can discuss this at a different time) planned for October.

As I am about to embark on my training session, I am also about 45 days away from getting married, and in the midst of the busiest Summer of my life. I have so much crazy, fun things going on… Is there really a better time to start a blog?

I thought so.  So here I go.  I hope you stick along for the ride J.

2 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce myself

  1. Hi. talk about not being late to the blog-fest. I’ve had on-again, off-again blog relationships but my current blog, I started last December. So you might actually be a trendsetter because I came back a few months later than you 🙂
    Yesterday, I decided to start looking at how some of the bloggers I admire started out and I like the honesty of your first couple of entries. You’ve done a great job telling your story thus far and I’m following you now. Hope you’ll check out my little blog too http:runwright.net

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