First Real Blog Post…

So. . . thank you for sticking with me after the quintessential introduction post.  I hope I have this blog years from now and look back on it and laugh…how silly and young I was!

Please bear with me as I work on this (I’m really speaking to myself, as I’m sure I have no readers quite yet…).  I have been reading and loving healthy living blogs for over a year now — and have finally just decided to jump in and make one of my own, even if it is just for myself.  In true Ashley style, I went out and dove right in, purchasing a domain page without even realizing I actually need something like wordpress to blog…not just a domain.   Back to the point of “bear with me,” I currently have no idea how people are going to be directed to my page ( ? ?), but that certainly is just a minor detail, yes?


Including in my blogging transition will hopefully be tons of fun pictures of fun adventures, runs, yummy food, and my lovely family. . . it’s all in the plans!  But for now,  it’s a little embarrassingly bare bones while I learn.


In my dreams, this lovely little blog will have:

-daily workouts / fun eats

-workout plans for the week AND updates at the end of the week on how said plan went…

-general goings ons in my day-today 🙂


Sooo…that’s the plan for this little diddy.  I’m excited because, like I mentioned, I am already so passionate about the healthy living blogging community and an hopeful even just being connected with it in some small way.  So I’ll just leave you with, I’m excited and looking forward to what I can do.


So anyways… on that point, I can get into what might look like a normal daily afternoon blog post…


To start:  My workout for this morning:

60 minutes on the stationary bike.

I was actually looking forward to this light cross training day — I mean honestly, a workout with a cup of coffee in one cup holder, delish gummy vitamins in the other, and a book (Currently reading:  Where We Belong by Emily Griffin…I plan to post about that later as well :)…that workout ain’t so bad.  Today is also my late start day at work, so I didn’t have to get up at 6 AM to squeeze in an hour.  Awesome!


As for foods — I’m in a carb/bar kind of mood today, so I munched on a cliff bar right away, have a think thin bar I’m already excited about, and some fruit…just as some snacks.  Zach’s grabbing some fresh veggies and produce from a new market today, so looking forward to dinner!

Maybe I’ll catch up again tonight?

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